Nanotechnology ,architecture and future of the built environment

Nanotechnology of a meter, has the potential to transform the built environment in ways almost unimaginable today . Nanotechnology is already employed in the manufacture of everyday items from sunscreen to clothing , and its introduction to architecture is not far behind . On the near horizon, it may take building enclosure materials ( coatings , panels and insulation ) to dramatic new levels of performance in terms of energy , light , security and intelligence . Even these first steps into  the world of Nanotechnology  could dramatically alter the nature of building enclosure and the way our building relate to environment and user . At mid-horizon , the development of carbon nanotubes and other breakthrough materials could radically alter building design and performance . The entire distinction between structure and skin , for example  could disappear as ultralight , super-strong materials functioning as both structural skeleton and enclosing skin are develop .

Small plans

The biggest plans for the future of our built environment are actually very , very small . the eight billion dollar per year Nanotechnology industry has already begun to transform our buildings and how we use them ; if its potential becomes reality , it could transform our world in ways undreamed of . Nanotechnology has the potential to radically alter our built environment and how we live . it is potentially the most transformative technology we have ever faced , generating more research and debate than nuclear weapons , space travel , computers or any of the other technologies that have shaped our lives . It brings with it enormous questions , concerns and consequences . It raises hopes and fears in every aspect of our lives ----social , economic , cultural , political , and spiritual . Yet its potential to transform our built environment remains largely unexplored . What , for instance, ts the future of building if each of us possesses thermoprotectant skins that shelter us from the elements ? How do we interact with our environment , and with each other , if walls and roofs become paper-thin , permeable , or even invisible ?

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